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Tax filing 2021

Need help to prepare your Dutch income tax return, or simply don't feel like doing it yourself?

And would you like a fast and easy way to do your tax returns 2021?
  • We offer availability in any location in the Netherlands.
  • Just name it and let’s find a time that suits you best.
  • Fixed, simple and fair rates, no surprises.
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tax filing

Tax declaration

  • Never pay too much

BAS makes sure you never pay too much. We determine which deductions are relevant to your situation, advise you about what you can do with your savings and investments, or make suggestions around how you can optimally manage your finances in anticipation of the next fiscal year.

  • Your time is precious

Do your tax return with BAS and save your valuable time. All you have to do is provide us with basic information. Then we will fill out the return ticket for you. We consult with you at the location of your choice. So everything is well-organized and ready for discussion at once.

Help with filing Dutch taxes

  • Wherever and whenever you want is flexible. We collaborate with you to prepare your tax return– whenever and wherever you choose. At home, at work, or even by email, post and online.

  • BAS is worth it

With there is no unused tax. Our tax services work quickly, efficiently, and securely. We stand behind our services because you deserve our competence and peace of mind in return for your investment in us. We want you to come back to us year after year!

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Help with filing tax declaration 2021

With you can save time and money is there for anyone who wants his or her tax return properly calculated right away. We always deliver services tailored to your situation, and we make sure you never pay too much tax. We do this at your preferred location and time. We have fixed rates, so you know exactly where you stand ahead of time.

Income tax return 2021

Everyone in the Netherlands is required to submit a tax return report annually. More and more people are doing it online. Does this worry you? Well, with the help of BAS: Make it quick, easy, and safe– without using your DigiD.

What information do you really need for your tax return?

  • The wage data on your annual statement
  • Find out which deductions apply to your situation
  • Have you considered care costs?
  • Do you have children?
  • Do you have an owner-occupied property?

To help you, we have our BAS checklist. This allows you to see exactly what data you need to do your 2021 tax return.


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When you do your income tax return, all possible deductions are discussed. To prevent you from paying too much tax, it is wise to check well all that you might be entitled to. But beware: you should always be able to provide proof of your costs. We therefore recommend that you efficiently organize your paperwork and documentation all year round. You are needing some support for doing this? BAS can come to the rescue!

Healthcare Costs

One of the most important kinds of deductions are health care costs. Therefore, make sure that you keep an overview and know which of your care costs are deductible. Unsure about which costs? Contact BAS!


Do you have children? The costs associated with the care and maintenance of your children’s (under 21) lives might be deductible. Additionally, f you meet certain conditions, you might have a right to the income-related combination tax. Want to know more? Please contact us at BAS!


When you have an owner-occupied home, this affects the level of income tax you pay. Often there are tax deductions such as interest rates and costs associated with your home, including the so-called “notional” rental value. This is an additional burden on owners. The amount of this fee is dependent on the property tax value of your home.

But there are more deductions… Are you studying? If so, you can deduct the cost of your study materials from a portion of your taxes. Download our checklist and discover your advantages!

May 1, an important date!

The declaration of your income for 2021 must be filed with the tax authorities by May 1, 2022.
If unsuccessful? Request to delay. You can get an extension to September 1 to submit your tax return. Is this still not enough time? Then turn to us for help. We can even delay applications until May 1, 2023. Please contact us at BAS.


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